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OMA employee participation "wo sing love Foshan city."
Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan area networks (Reporter Yang Jingxiao Chenwan Ping photo coverage) August 27 evening, Shunde Shun Feng mountain held "wo love to sing the whole city of Foshan" Foshan Music Festival the second leg semi-final stage of the gorgeous music and dancing detonation site.

                                    The 15th player Zhang Bin huge friends and relatives   
In the semi-finals of the site, in addition to the players passionate interpretation on the stage, but ultimately, the audience and the support of friends and relatives. That night, at the left rear of the stage, two rows of white and green dress wearing audience particularly striking. Subject to the reporter before know that this is the 15th player Zhang Bin huge friends group - colleagues and family. According to one of his colleagues, from the start they would vote for Zhang Bin, the evening is a good move early admission arrangements fluorescence cards, fuel cards and banners, to create a good atmosphere for Zhang Bin super fans cheered. And it seems that because of the refueling Zhang Bin huge fan groups become more open, the atmosphere of "the most beautiful songs children sing Mama" on its head.