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Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen Jian-off white-collar activit
" National Fitness Day -3510 in action" - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and white-collar health -off challenge activities start at State Sports General Administration , Beijing Communist Youth League in 3510 marked the depth of action and national fitness campaign in conjunction with one of the promotion.
Successful Olympic bid in Beijing on the occasion of the tenth anniversary , jointly organized by the Communist Youth League Beijing Municipal Committee, the Chinese sports newspaper headquarters , the People's Daily Health Times , Touch Media , Chinese sports newspaper headquarters Fitness Industry Development Center , touched entertainment contractor , Beijing Jian passenger Sports Limited , Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical equipment Co., Ltd. Sui-sheng , WHS organized the " national Fitness Day -3510 in action" - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and white-collar health -off challenge in the State Sports General Administration activity starts , the flag the depth Beijing Youth League 3510 action with national fitness campaign in conjunction with one of the promotion.
Events in China 's largest taxi Media Group - Interactive Touch Media in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen to screen all 30,000 taxis as a mobile communications platform , professional fitness places to experience the platform , opened official micro -Bo , conduct interactive procedural incentives by participating in fashion , leading the demonstration , to create new urban landscape , setting off a green travel , healthy living, happy new fashion movement. National long-term mechanism to further expand the fitness and promote Beijing Youth League 3510 action from green advocacy , health education, to the happiness of sports , to promote harmony connotation deepen , driven from the area , youth demonstrations, to promote the country , the extension of universal coverage extension .
Activity has been the strong guidance and support of the State Sports General Administration . The launching ceremony, the State Sports General Administration Division Deputy Director Liu Guoyong groups , Beijing Municipal Party Committee secretary group , director of Beijing Guo Xin Bao volunteering Guidance Center , Chinese sports newspaper club vice president Wang Ping , vice president of People's Daily Health Times compiled Zhao Anping , Chairman Feng Hui medium TouchMedia leaders and guests delivered speeches respectively. Activities on behalf of the contractor and co-operation programs and priorities of the activities done instructions. The event also invited network Reds "crazy aunt " , personally demonstration teaching " 3510 white collar Kin Kin Kin passenger operations ," and with the guests and participants were beautifully interaction.
Since the event began in July , for three months, which lasted a hundred days , for Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen Four young white-collar workers launched the " 3510 taxi passenger Kin Kin Kin parade of white-collar ", " 45 days to get back healthy " experience , "millions of white-collar big taxi health survey ", "wow wow man woman " contest and a series of activities.
Set off a wave million white-collar health
June 1-July 10 , just before the event started 40 days , the organizing committee in China's largest taxi media - TouchMedia put on advertising activities . Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen and Guangzhou four places have more than 50 million people watch the "Wow Wow man woman " contest advertisements . In just 20 days , there are 21,414 passengers by entering the phone number on the interactive touch screen mounted in the cab of the media to enroll 45 days to get back healthy challenge. From June 1 , a total of 419,396 passengers involved in the health questionnaire , health tips page has been viewed 406,209 times the passengers . This event has already raised white-collar men and women 's health craze.
Touch Media founder and CEO Micky Fung said, " Touch Media as a responsible corporate citizen, able to develop public health by advocating public workout habits and the response of the State Sports General Administration of National Fitness Day on the call , we are very proud and honored . "
One characteristic activities of " 45 days to get back to health" will be invited to the Beijing Organizing Committee of 80 white-collar health -off a " Health Day" experience activities . "Health Day" Experience in advanced Beijing Jian passenger salon flagship store NOP-TRAINING training systems and the world's leading high-tech fitness equipment, Power Plate 's conduct , the day will be free to enjoy the experience of health testing , professional fitness trainer , nutrition experts and Dermatology physician counseling services. In addition , an interactive screen to complete health surveys on the inside of the fingers through the activities of passengers will have the opportunity to win more than the value of the Life Fitness 125,000 yuan a fitness bike . Touch screen car by the media as "Wow Wow male female" contestants vote passengers will have access to more than 158,000 yuan worth of Power Plate? High-tech fitness equipment.
Wow aerobics video taxi users in becoming a hot topic
Beginning June 1 , the organizing committee 's taxi in touch online media put the first set of " white collar 3510 taxi passenger Kin Kin Kin parade ." As of July 1 , has been viewed and downloaded more than 1,000,000 times on Weibo posting about this aerobics and posted more than 120,000 times. As of July 2 , second male coach shoulder motion video within only a day after the broadcast time , all on the video screen shots and pictures have been reprinted more than 1000 times Internet users . Two other witty , emphasizing physical activity and healthy promotional video - " changing the water articles" and "hit the papers ," also competing to map users , but there are thousands of Internet users browsing.
According to the reporter , wide public concern " 3510 taxi passenger collar Kin Kin Kin Dance" video is divided into three sets of exercises focused on white-collar neck , shoulder and wrist , respectively, in June , July and August in the taxi media broadcast.
" Millions of white-collar " health survey results show "exercise" become the first choice of people to improve health
20 days in the warm-up activities , health survey activities as one of the results showed that the answer " you will improve your health by what method ", almost five people out of 4 people ( 79.1% ) choose " exercise ." In second place is " healthy diet " ( 59.2% ) , followed in third place in the " quit drinking " and ranked fourth in the " release of pressure ." There are also some passengers choose " traditional Chinese medicine " and " go with the flow ." In response to whether they exercise at least 10 minutes per week , and nearly one-third of passengers ( 30.1% ) say they do exercise every day . However , 1 person in 10 (10.3% ) said they never do sports . When it comes to health spending per month on maintaining the highest percentage of votes option is " less than 300 yuan," four people who have a choice ( 24.3% ) ; contrast , 8.0 % of the passengers spent more than a month 3,000.
3510 in conjunction with the National Fitness transboundary
Beijing Youth League 3510 action is to mobilize the masses to participate in a public green travel themed events capital of the proposed system construction . Immediate goal is to facilitate the resolution of traffic problems , long-term goal is to promote the upgrading of the level of public health , happiness index , promote new fashion green civilized society . Proposed action since 7 months , have launched a "capital riding the wind ", " low-carbon buses travel Wind," " Spring Subway ," " Million riders green driving action ", " National Walking Story " and other a series of wide public participation, social repercussions positive activities and create a Beijing bicycle festival brand items , forming a "passion - Competition ," " crossing - wind" , "fashion - family" and "Happy - road" four series. Beijing and more than 500 million people around the masses to participate . Practice shows that the only people authorized activity is viable activities. This time, in conjunction with National Fitness Day cross , 3510 actions will gradually formed organizations to promote youth driven social coordination , good situation in public participation. With the continuous deepening of Action 3510 , will be able to promote national development , social progress and people's happiness more bigger role to play .