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Mechanical fitness equipment business: Indoor sports fashion
The summer season, a variety of graceful posture greets, fitness, fashion and now it has become the city 's young men and women anywhere . When the world has been reduced to the time between the two mouse , more and more people began to move into the home fitness equipment , the popular " indoor fitness ." Indoor fitness perfect condition, so that fitness is no longer affected by seasonal changes in the environment , she has become "sexy" became more and more people are pursuing the goal .
[ Market opportunities ]
Our fitness equipment production , though started late, but rapid development . Our successful bid to host the 2008 Olympic Games , the more rapid development of fitness equipment manufacturing industry provides a good space and broad market prospects . In recent years, the number of fitness equipment in the world market export proportion has been rising , China has become the world's largest producer of fitness equipment .
From the international trend, the number of women in the United States using only gravity training over the past 10 years has increased by more than one -fold, from less than 800 million in 1988 to 1997 more than 1700 people, gravity equipment utilization increased significantly.
According to the Shanghai Institute of Sports Science as a social survey showed that 12 000 people interviewed , 65 percent indicate that they need or are ready to buy fitness equipment.
[ Expert opinion ]
Expert: Our fitness packages by members choose Statistics found that the proportion of men and women choose " repair body sculpting " is 2:3 ; "increase muscle strength ," the ratio of 5:4 ; proportional " stamina enhancement" 1:1 ; " freely flexible " ratio of 1:3. This shows that more and more women began to focus on improving physical function . Set of aerobic exercise, strength training , improve heart and lung function , endurance, flexibility and coordination as one of the " body sculpting repair " will be the most popular combinations. For a particular part of the exercise , there are some people in the past errors, such as the abdomen want to have a beautiful , crazy to do sit-ups every day is not only ineffective , the potential may actually be counterproductive . Weight and strength is a reasonable strength exercises body repair fundamental way .
Fat footprint is five times the same weight of muscle ! That is, if you replace with an equal weight of muscle fat hips or thighs , your hips or thighs will be reduced five times , but also has " five times ," the strength and health.
Many people have asked several times on average one week workout is effective ? Experts answer is: to continue its efforts to reach an average of exercise three times a week feel better !
[ Kind of fitness ] 
Treadmill : Treadmills are the most effective aerobic exercises , suitable for all kinds of people, there are mechanical and electric treadmill treadmill . Older people can choose mechanical treadmill , it is a proactive way of running , jogging speed by their own master , the user can according to their own conditions for walking , jogging or sprints . Young people can choose electric treadmill , it is a passive way of running , according to their physical first set running speed , running speed forced trainer here .
Strength fitness equipment : This is the most common gym equipment, varieties, including weightlifting racks, push-ups , sit-ups rack , pull-down training , pull-up training , a comprehensive training equipment, etc. , are generally larger gym configure dozens of series equipment, certain parts of the targeted muscle strength exercise , fitness can select the appropriate equipment to practice according to their own site .
Various race car categories: including bicycles , walking machines, stepping machines, aerobic exercise at the same time it can also make the cardiovascular system get exercise . It is compared to other traditional exercisers easy fatigue , suitable for all types of people .